Grow your design career with UX mentorship

UX Mentorship is a practice in guiding a student through the process of learning something new. It’s a powerful relationship that can help put new ideas into perspective and can increase the speed of understanding. And that's what I provide.

Meet your design mentor, Jason Early

My name is Jason Early and I have been a designer and UX mentor for over two decades.

I’ve spent the past several years packaging my experience into lessons that have helped students in their jobs at Apple, Pixar, Spotify, Google, Facebook, and many other excellent organizations.

Having lead design programs at education startups (Bloc and General Assembly), and working directly with numerous businesses as a lead designer, I understand the complex challenges that designers face. I launched this training site borrowing the best from those experiences and to provide actionable steps to improve your skills.

These training workshops and courses are the most practical form of design education. Direct from a veteran design professional.

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Why does having a UX mentorship work so well?

Having a mentor means talking one-on-one with someone who has been exactly where you are now and is exactly where you want to be in the future. When working with a design mentor, you can have help in any area you need. Here are just a few things a mentor can do for you.

  • Critique your work so you know what you need to spend your time on in order to improve your designs.
  • Show how the design process works with real clients and real projects instead of what outdated books or blogs say.
  • Help you prepare for design interviews so you can get your dream job.
  • Teach you how to find clients so you can work on your own if you want to.
  • Give clarity to the next steps you need to take with your career.
  • Provide a customized, one-on-one experience that is tailored to your exact needs.

But these are just a few of the things a great mentor can do for you. Because mentorships are a one-to-one experience, you can get exactly what you need and want…. on your schedule.

With my design mentorship, my students have gone from zero confidence and no design experience, to working as designers at some of the biggest companies you know like Apple, Hubspot, Allstate, United Airlines, and more.

Here’s what a few students have said about my UX mentorship.

“As a mentor, Jason helped boost my confidence in the job seeking process, and within six months I landed my first UX research job.”
“Jason was instrumental in my transformation from graphic designer/art director to User Experience Designer.”
“After a 3-month sabbatical learning with Jason at General Assembly, I returned to my firm with the toolkit and confidence needed to grow my firm's design approach. I earned skills and, most importantly, confidence in my work in the time I spent with Jason. This confidence and toolkit gave me credibility to rise the ranks in my firm. ”

What’s included in a UX mentorship

A design mentorship is a completely customized experience. Whenever you want, we set up a 30-minute mentor session over Google Meet. Here are just a few things we can discuss in our sessions:

The complete design career roadmap

In my 20 years of design experience and mentoring, I’ve seen hundreds of non-designers enter the industry and become senior-level designers. And they all follow more or less the same path to success. In these sessions, we can go over where you are currently at in your career journey and where you want to be. 

You’re not a designer yet? I know exactly how to get you started.

You’re already a designer and want to move up in your organization? We can set up a step-by-step plan for getting you to your goal.

Design critique

Not sure if what you’re working on is good or not? Have you been banging your head against the wall for hours, not knowing how to fix your design?

In these sessions, we go over exactly what you are working on and where you’re having problems. I WON’T tell you “Just fix this thing.” Instead, I help you figure out what you’re doing wrong so you never make the same mistakes again. And all of these sessions are confidential which means I respect any NDAs with clients or agencies you’re working with.

Confidence building workshops

Many of my students are great designers, but they lack one thing… confidence in their work. In these sessions, we cover design theory and mindset. You will

  • Develop the confidence you need to be sure your work is good before sending it to your boss or client.
  • Know what clients and bosses look for when receiving work so you present to them solutions that address their challenges.
  • Work on your real projects with me so you can be sure you’ll deliver results to your boss or client.

Remember, these are just a few of the things we can go over during our mentor sessions.

Are you serious about improving your career?

If you are serious about improving your career and becoming an senior level designer, you need to act fast.

You see, when you sign up to a 30-minute mentor session, you are working directly with me. I don’t pass you along to someone else like other programs.

No. Every session during your mentorship, you’re spending one-on-one time with me – a professional, independent designer with 20 years of design and design mentorship experience.

Because you can only get this experience with me, that means spots are limited.

When I’m not mentoring design students, I’m consulting with the biggest brands around.

I only have so many hours a day, and mentorship spots fill up fast. 

If you’re reading this right now, it means I have one or more spots available, but I’m not sure how long this page will stay up. 

Here’s what you’re getting

Remember, during our 30-minute mentor sessions you will:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Work on real projects
  • Develop a career plan
  • Master the design interview
  • Receive design critiques
  • and so much more…

And these sessions are only $99/ea

*Disclaimer: Any income figures are used for illustration purposes only. Success is up to the individual. No mentor or program can guarantee a specific income or job placement. gruntmonkey LLC makes no guarantees regarding income or job placement.