Conducting User Research

Understand your customers needs with my user research course.

In this user research course, I’ll show ways of interacting with your potential customers to gain an understanding of their needs and preferences.

You’ll get lifetime access to this workshop so you can reference back to the lessons when you need a refresher.

Conducting User Research opens just a few times a year.

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Identify audience needs with this user research course so you can design successful digital products that customers and audiences love.

Enhance your job performance or indulge your creative curiosity. This user research course is an applicable, flexible training option that gives you a robust introduction to the fundamentals of user experience research.

Skill up when you want, where you want on our dynamic online platform. Additional mentorship is available keep you motivated with guidance and feedback in convenient 1:1 sessions when you need them.

Learn techniques to conduct contextual inquiry, build a research plan, conduct interviews, and recruit research participants. And apply these new skills to work or side projects as you go

Get ahead with workshops that fill skill gaps

Expert-crafted lessons and accessible mentorship help you grow your professional toolkit. Learn on a schedule that works for you with lifetime access, accessible on any device, 24/7.

After completing this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply core user experience research techniques on the job.
  • Create audience insights that better serve audience needs.
  • Add new skills to your resume and advance your career.
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Student Testimonials

“Jason was instrumental in my transformation from graphic designer/art director to User Experience Designer. He was able to push me into new ways of thinking and coached me in the “blocking and tackling” of what designing for the user means.

He always asks great questions which will get you to view problems (and solutions) in new ways. And when those solutions don’t hold water, he’ll gently but directly get you back on track in your design journey.”

Ron Rowland
UX Architect at ICF Next

“As a mentor, Jason was a major supporter and critic of my school, work, and personal projects. His feedback encouraged me to think outside of the box and helped me create solutions that made me stand out amongst my peers in the competitive design industry. He helped me navigate the job market by developing my event networking, interview skills, and negotiation tactics. He helped me write my first proposal as well as my first contract.”

Brittany Campbell
Lead Designer at Hugo & Cat

Meet your design mentor

My name is Jason Early and I have been a designer and mentor for over two decades.

I’ve spent the past several years packaging my experience into lessons that have helped students in their jobs at Apple, Pixar, Spotify, Google, Facebook, and many other excellent organizations.

Having lead design programs at education startups (Bloc and General Assembly), and working directly with numerous businesses as a lead designer, I understand the complex challenges that designers face. I launched this training site borrowing the best from those experiences and to provide actionable steps to improve your skills.

These training workshops and courses are the most practical form of design education. Direct from a veteran design professional.